Breeders Information

As your search begins, check out: Looking for a Puli Puppy
And:  Litter Listings
For more information: email PCA's Corresponding Secretary

In order to be listed on the Breeders page in Puli News and this web page, a breeder must be a member of PCA in good standing for three years prior to being listed.

Breeders: Click here to pay the listing fee online.  If your kennel has a web site, a link will be provided.  Please send link information to PCAwebsupport.

All obligations are those created by the buyer and seller, and PCA has no obligations to either buyer or seller.  The Puli Club of America makes no assertions, claims or guarantees as to the breeders listed and each prospective buyer should talk to the breeder and ask the appropriate questions to their satisfaction.

Key to codes:

P - Puppies are offered for sale
D - Adult Pulik are offered for sale
S - Male Pulik at stud
A - Kennel visits by appointment only
I - Free general information