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Litter: Whelp Date: December 20, 2016 – 2 black males available, applications being taken
Breeder: Mezok Pulik – Diane Fields (email)  Central time zone (715) 590-3298 

GCH CH Cedarrun Little Caesars

AKC# DN11139205
CHIC# 115176
Color: Black

CH Mezok Kis Gyongye “Pearl”
AKC# DN36263603
CHIC# 109706
Color: Black

GCH CH Cedarrun Little Caesars

21 May 2005
DN11139205 Black
CH Lambak Persnickety Won AJP

13 Apr 2001
DL87588003 Black
CH Offthewall Billyjoejimbob

15 Apr 1991 DL49270301 Black
CH Lambak Daphne Over Ewe IT

06 Feb 1997 DL67483604 Black
CH Vastsjo Jellonz Umbrelladotter CD RE NAJ VP

27 Mar 2001
DL88226601 Black
Falu Rossza Enyves-Erno

S30608/99 MF
Vastsjo Vakritza Umbrella

CH Mezok Kis Gyongye “Pearl” CGC

25 Mar 2013
DN36263603 Black

09 Dec 2004
DN09983504 Black
CH Commanche Moon Over Catsun PT

07 Jun 2000 DL88124901 Black
CH Prydain Eternal Spring

16 May 1996 DL64113201 Black
CH Szep-Apati Dalos “Dahlee” IT

20 Jan 2011
DN31576701 Black
H.CH / Int.CH Fenybojtaros Finis

Int.CH / H.CH Olajfa-Pusztai Dio

MET Pl 466404
Drawing by Sara Hines

Drawing by Sara Hines

Litter listings are accepted from Puli Club of America members in good standing.  “In order for a Litter to be listed … in Puli News and, a breeder must be a general member of PCA in good standing.  They must also pay whatever the current fee is for the listing. Proof of the required CHIC health tests for hips, Patella, DM and CERF for sire and dam must be provided.  CERF testing on sire and dam must have occurred within the last 3 years.”

All obligations are those created by the buyer and seller, and PCA has no obligations to either buyer or seller.  The Puli Club of America makes no assertions, claims or guarantees as to the breeders listed and each prospective buyer should talk to the breeder and ask the appropriate questions to their satisfaction.