2023 National Premium Lists & Concurrent Specialty

Click here for the Leaf Peepers Cluster Premium List
Click here for the Puli Club of America Concurrent Specialty Premium List

There are two premium lists you need to use to enter all shows! Read below for more information. The superintendent for all shows is MB-F Inc. All shows can be entered online (for an additional processing fee) at www.infodog.com.

The Leaf Peepers Cluster (Albany and Troy Kennel Clubs) will host all breed shows on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – October 20, 21, and 22.

The Pulik classes at the Friday show will be the Regional Specialty (including sweepstakes); the Pulik classes at the Saturday show will be the National Specialty (including sweepstakes as well as stud dog and brood bitch classes); and the Pulik classes at the Sunday show will be a Supported Entry.

On Friday, October 20th, the Puli Club of America Inc. will also be hosting a separate Concurrent Specialty Show at the same location. This is considered a separate event and therefore has a separate premium list. There will not be any sweepstakes or stud dog/brood bitch classes at this concurrent specialty. The winner of Best of Breed will not be eligible for any further group competition; however, points will be awarded just as with any other specialty show.

**PLEASE NOTE: All shows have the same entry deadline: October 4, 2023 at 12PM (noon) U.S. ET. However, entry fees for the shows are different since the shows are hosted by two different organizations.**

We look forward to seeing you in New England this fall! If you have questions, please reach out by clicking here.

Want more info on what a Concurrent Specialty is? Click here