PCA 2024 National Specialty Schedule of Events

Tentative Activities
2024 PCA National Specialty

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Wednesday Welcome Party 6:30 pm
Come join other Puli Club members in the hospitality suite for light food and drinks. You will be able to pick up your merchandise purchases and your welcome bag and catch up with friends.

Thursday Bourbon Tasting and Discussion 7:00 pm
Andy Guagenti will present tastings from different Kentucky distilleries and help PCA members learn about their unique offerings.

Friday Dog Massage and Exercise Preparation Lessons 7:30 pm
Korey Kennedy LVT, CCRP will offer a hands-on presentation teaching PCA members how to prepare their pulis for activities, whether conformation or performance. Korey will also explain the benefits of massage for our pulis. Meeting Korey and seeing her excitement for helping owners prevent and recover their pets from injury will inspire you to implement her suggestions.

Get to know Korey:
Growing up an animal lover, I wanted to be an “animal doctor” from a very young age. Life led me down a different path, but my passion for dogs never wavered. My work in different fields led me to a passion for rehabilitation.
I worked at a small-scale pet food manufacturing facility, Wysong, where I developed an interest in canine nutrition. There I acquired a wealth of information and knowledge. It was a perfect fit in my veterinary medicine pursuit. I also have a keen interest in canine behavior training and have had the pleasure of working with some amazing trainers and lecturers.
In 2006, I landed my dream job working as an assistant at a veterinary clinic. In that capacity, I developed a deep passion and desire to learn more. With the encouragement of friends and family and my thirst for knowledge in the field of veterinary medicine, I went back to college. At age 40 I graduated with my bachelors degree in Animal Science and obtained my credentials as a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT).
Through the years I had several dogs develop orthopedic issues. I had pets with luxating patellas, fractured bones, amputations, and several with cruciate repairs.  I was even the client whose dog’s lateral suture repair failed from allowing the dog to be too active too soon.
Rehabilitation was required after those procedures. This sparked my interest in rehabilitation. Once I learned about Rehabilitation Medicine, I was committed with a new passion. I attended the University of Tennessee Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner program and graduated in 2018.
In June 2023, my sister and I left the cold winters of Michigan behind and headed to the hills of Kentucky, where we now reside in Sadieville with our three English Setters. I was fortunate enough to join the family at Central Kentucky Veterinary Center and help develop the Rehabilitation Department.

Sunday Round Table Discussion 7:30 pm
Topic TBD. Let Gail Schroth know your interest by emailing her at gailschroth72@gmail.com.