It is difficult to find books about the Puli, and some are now out of print, but the following may be of help:

  • Hungarian Puli  by Ann Arch  ©2001 Interpet Publishing (U.K.) ISBN: 1903098521
    Here’s a brief review by Liz Williams found on
        “It’s many years since a book on the breed was written and this one is certainly worth having.
    Though principally aimed at the new Puli owner it really does have items that’re of interest to all.
    It’s well written, easily understood and has some cracking good photos.”

  • Puli (A Comprehensive Owner’s Guide) by Ann Arch  ©2006 Kennel Club Books ISBN: 1593782632
    Covers breed history, training, coat care and everything else you need to know about your favorite breed.

  • This is the Puli by Leslie Benis  ©1976 T.F.H. Publications ISBN 0-87666-368-4
    This classic is out of print and very hard to find.  An excellent book for your collection if you can find it.

  • The Complete PULI by Sylvia C. Owen ©1976 Howell Book House  ISBN 0-87605-270-7
    Another well-known Puli book that is also out of print.

  • Hungarian Dog Breeds by Pal Sarkany & Imre Ocsag ©1986 Egyetemi Printing House ISBN 963-13-2302-1
    Originally published in Hungarian in 1977 by Corvina, this English translation is worth having.  It covers not only the Puli, but the Pumi, Mudi, Kuvasz, Komondor, Vizsla, Agar and Transylvanian Hound.  It has some great photos, and does a good job on the Puli, including coat care.

  • How to Raise and Train a Puli by Ellanor H. Anderson  ©1964 T.F.H. Publications
    A book from an early Puli breeder.  You’ll enjoy the photos of the non-corded, brushed out Pulis.

  • PULI by Martin Weil  ©1982 T.F.H. Publications ISBN 0-87666-740-X

  • The History of the Puli  by Arany Csaba  ©1997  published in Hungary ISBN 963-550-395-4 (Hungarian/German/English)  An interesting book about the history of our breed, written by a Hungarian.

  • Best of Pulikeynotes (1971) a collection of articles from the Puli Club of Southern California’s Pulikeynotes newsletter.  Well written and informative. PCA has scanned this excellent collection from some 50 years ago.

  • Striking the Right Cord — A Complete Guide to Grooming the Puli  by Terry and Stephanie Horan, updated 2004 and available from their Immerzu Puli website.

Tips on finding out of print books:

  • Attend the PCA National Specialty — sometimes a good out of print Puli book is offered at auction.
  • Check the booksellers at large Conformation shows.
  • Search the Internet. Start with  Type in the title with quotes around it.  Also check out and  Sometimes you’ll get lucky and an out of print book will be affordable and available.
  • Also check out and  They often find out of print books no one else has.