How to Apply for Membership in PCA & Lapsed Membership

PCA encourages fans of the Puli to consider applying for membership in the club. Our hope is that each new member will get value from the club experience and our newsletter, Puli News, and in turn we hope new members will choose to participate in various club activities.

PCA now has a streamlined application process. Note: International members will be Associate Members.

All new members who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States will receive an Associate Membership for a period of 12 months, after which time they will become a General Member with all the rights and privileges of membership.

If you know two members who can sign for you, have them fill in and sign the sponsorship application form.

If you know one member, have him/her fill in and sign the sponsorship application form and include a letter with your application explaining your reasons for wanting to join the Puli Club of America.

If you don’t know anyone who can sponsor you, you may still become an associate member by writing a letter explaining your reasons for wanting to join the Puli Club.

To apply, complete the following process:

Membership Application Form

  • If you know two PCA members who will sponsor you, arrange for them to print off the above form, remove the Sponsorship form, fill it out and mail it to PCA’s Membership Coordinator. Otherwise, please write a letter explaining why you want to join PCA. Fill out and sign the Application Form. Applicant should also read the Guidelines page that will print at the same time as the Application Form.
  • After reading the Guidelines, please sign them at bottom and attach to Membership form. Applicants, please be sure to sign twice — both the Application form and the Guidelines. Mail the two completed pages with payment for dues to the address at the bottom of the Application Form.
  • Application Fee can be made via check or below. If you pay online, you still need to mail in both your signed application form and signed Guidelines. The form is an Adobe Acrobat .PDF file. If you have trouble accessing this form, you’ll need to download a free copy of the Adobe Reader.

Lapsed Membership

Sometimes memberships lapse, but the former member would like an easier way to become reinstated. The club provides a special form for this. It must be approved. You can also pay your Application Fee using this page. The reinstatement process is only valid within 12 months after the member’s lapse in dues. Beyond the 12 months limit, a new application for PCA membership must be submitted.

Membership Reinstatement Form – Click on this link to view and print the Application form. When finished, close the window.
Fill out and sign the form, then mail it to the address at the bottom of the Application Form.

Application Fee can be made via check or Online (see below).

Forming a Household Membership from Individual

If you want to upgrade to from Individual Member to Household Membership please fill out this form and mail to the address listed. You can pay above or send a check with the form.