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General Puli Information Sites

PCA Facebook page – Visit, join, participate!

Performance Pulik Facebook page.  For people doing non-conformation activities with Pulik including, but not limited to, agility, herding, obedience, flyball, and frisbee. Hosted by Dagmar Fertl.Happy Global Puli Tales Facebook page – More on the Puli

NaturalPuli Facebook page– A great resource for both the expert and the new Puli owner.  US and International members make this a lively, fun and  valuable list 

AKC Puli Page – interesting info about the Puli, as well as the Breed Standard

PuliWorld – one of the first ever websites about the Puli, a classic site built by Mary Wakeman between 1996 and 2002 — the info about Pulik is still valuable and fun to read

Hungarian Kennel Club (MEOE) – site offers both Hungarian and English

Puli World Facebook page-A great page with lots of info about the Puli and a place to ask questions and get answers from many Puli owners