National Specialty Agility Trial Winners

Since 1996, PCA has attempted to hold Agility trials at National Specialties (at some venues, this was just not possible).  The following lists the High Scoring Puli at each National Specialty Agility Trial:


Two Trials in one day, two High Scoring Pulik:

  • CH Lambak Etched ‘N Wool NA NAJ, handled by Sandy Schickedanz
  • “Bliss” (CH MACH4 Piroskai Nutn Bt Bliss 4 Mardi Gras PT MXG2 MJG2 XF), handled by Joe Lapine


  • “Lucy” (Bowmaker Lucy in The Sky), handled by Arleen Miller.


Three days of Agility, resulting in three High Scoring Pulik:

  • “Balint” (CH MACH2 PACH Immerzu Kamchatka UDX RAE MXS2 MJS2 MXP6 MXPS MJP7 MJPS PAX2 MXF), handled by Melinda Peters
  • “Sydney” (CH Lambak Sydney ‘N the Ruff NA NAJ), handled by Sandy Schickedanz
  • “Scootie” (MACH3 PACH Bowmaker Szereto Kutya CD RN MXS2 MJS3 MXPB MJP6 MJPS PAX NF),    handled by Jane Slade-Exum


  • “Oliver” (CH MACH3 Loakespark Just Smart RN MXS2 MJG2 OAP OJP OF T2B), handled by Alex Davis


  • “Harry Potter” (MACH Prydain Young Wizard CD RN MXG MJB OF), handled by Esther Abshier


  • “Barney” (CH Bokar Barney Rubble CD RN AX AXJ AJP), handled by Jim Moen


Two days of Agility, resulting in two High Scoring Pulik —

  • “Katy” (CH Prydain Katydid Just Do It CDX NA), handled by Anita Ritenour
  • “Inky” (CH Prydain Inherit The Wind UDX RN NA NAJ), handled by Lorraine Walraven


  • “Zsofi” (CH Immerzu Galuska CDX OA OAP OAJ OJP), handled by Melinda Peters


  • “Bubba” (CH Piroskai Energizer CDX OA NAJ), handled by Joe Lapine


  • “Cass” (CH Szeder’s Making Headlines CD HX AX OAJ), owned by Patty Anspach, handled by Rob Sky


  • “Kiro” (CH Tordor’s Kirivo Kirohanas CDX RE PT MX AXJ MJP2), handled by Jim Moen


  • “Pete” (CH Szeder’s Go For It HS NA), handled by Marie Joyner.

(Titles updated as of 7/2017)