Puli Resources/Publications

General Puli Information Sites

AKC Digital Library — There are over 11,000 files when searching for “Puli”.  It is a treasure trove of information.

PCA Facebook page – Visit, join, participate!

Performance Pulik Facebook page.  For people doing non-conformation activities with Pulik including, but not limited to, agility, herding, obedience, flyball, and frisbee. Hosted by Dagmar Fertl.

Happy Global Puli Tales Facebook page – More on the Puli

NaturalPuli Facebook page– A great resource for both the expert and the new Puli owner.  US and International members make this a lively, fun and  valuable list

AKC Puli Page – interesting info about the Puli, as well as the Breed Standard

PuliWorld – one of the first ever websites about the Puli, a classic site built by Mary Wakeman between 1996 and 2002 — the info about Pulik is still valuable and fun to read

Hungarian Kennel Club (MEOE) – site offers both Hungarian and English

Puli World Facebook page – A great page with lots of info about the Puli and a place to ask questions and get answers from many Puli owners

Agility Online Resources

AKC Agility Page – includes AKC regulations, info about height card, etc.

Clean Run – web site by the best (and only US) monthly Agility magazine


It is difficult to find books about the Puli, and some are now out of print, but the following may be of help:

  • Hungarian Puli  by Ann Arch  ©2001 Interpet Publishing (U.K.) ISBN: 1903098521
    Here’s a brief review by Liz Williams found on Amazon.co.uk:
        “It’s many years since a book on the breed was written and this one is certainly worth having.
    Though principally aimed at the new Puli owner it really does have items that’re of interest to all.
    It’s well written, easily understood and has some cracking good photos.”
  • Puli (A Comprehensive Owner’s Guide) by Ann Arch  ©2006 Kennel Club Books ISBN: 1593782632
    Covers breed history, training, coat care and everything else you need to know about your favorite breed.
  • This is the Puli by Leslie Benis  ©1976 T.F.H. Publications ISBN 0-87666-368-4
    This classic is out of print and very hard to find.  An excellent book for your collection if you can find it.
  • The Complete PULI by Sylvia C. Owen ©1976 Howell Book House  ISBN 0-87605-270-7
    Another well-known Puli book that is also out of print.
  • Hungarian Dog Breeds by Pal Sarkany & Imre Ocsag ©1986 Egyetemi Printing House ISBN 963-13-2302-1
    Originally published in Hungarian in 1977 by Corvina, this English translation is worth having.  It covers not only the Puli, but the Pumi, Mudi, Kuvasz, Komondor, Vizsla, Agar and Transylvanian Hound.  It has some great photos, and does a good job on the Puli, including coat care.
  • How to Raise and Train a Puli by Ellanor H. Anderson  ©1964 T.F.H. Publications
    A book from an early Puli breeder.  You’ll enjoy the photos of the non-corded, brushed out Pulis.
  • PULI by Martin Weil  ©1982 T.F.H. Publications ISBN 0-87666-740-X
  • The History of the Puli  by Arany Csaba  ©1997  published in Hungary ISBN 963-550-395-4 (Hungarian/German/English)  An interesting book about the history of our breed, written by a Hungarian.
  • Best of Pulikeynotes (1971) a collection of articles from the Puli Club of Southern California’s Pulikeynotes newsletter.  Well written and informative. PCA has scanned this excellent collection from some 50 years ago.
  • Striking the Right Cord — A Complete Guide to Grooming the Puli  by Terry and Stephanie Horan, updated 2004 and available from their Immerzu Puli website.

Tips on finding out of print books:

  • Attend the PCA National Specialty — sometimes a good out of print Puli book is offered at auction.
  • Check the booksellers at large Conformation shows.
  • Search the Internet. Start with Google.com.  Type in the title with quotes around it.  Also check out Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.
  • Sometimes you’ll get lucky and an out of print book will be affordable and available.
  • Also check out abebooks.com and abebooks.co.uk.  They often find out of print books no one else has.


Members of the Puli Club of America have been busy helping others learn about our wonderful breed. Many of these articles have appeared in the AKC Gazette, who invites the club to select a member to write a column about the Puli from time to time. Other articles have appeared in other publications targeting the dog fancy. We are proud to make these articles available on our website.

AKC Gazette. These articles first appeared in the AKC Gazette on the dates shown and are reproduced here with permission. To read or download current or past issues, visit www.akc.org/pubs. The Gazette is now provided free of charge.

June 2024 – Air Puli! by Dagmar Fertl
March 2024 – Pulik: Now A Ramp Optional Breed by Dagmar Fertl
December 2023 – Winter and Your Puli by Dagmar Fertl
September 2023 – Puli Biting – by Dagmar Fertl
June  2023 – Dewclaws – by Dagmar Fertl
March  2023 – Clingons – by Dagmar Fertl
December  2022 – The Puli Ear – by Dagmar Fertl
September  2022 – Puli and Baby Living Together – by Dagmar Fertl
June 2022 – In appreciation of Don Gold – by Dagmar Fertl
March 2022 – Hotel Etiquette When Traveling With Your Puli – by Dagmar Fertl
December 2021 – 2020 and 2021 Puli National Specialties Week by Dagmar Fertl
September 2021 – Mental health and the show ring by Dagmar Fertl
June 2021 – Your Puli And Massage by Dagmar Fertl
Mar 2021 – Puli Philately: Pulik on Postage Stamps by Dagmar Fertl
Dec 2020 – Time to Rally Yourself and your Puli for Rally Virtual! by Dagmar Fertl
Sept 2020 – Make a Splash with Dock Diving by Dagmar Fertl
June 2020 – Turning Your Trickster into a Trick Star by Dagmar Fertl
Mar 2020 – Coursing With a Puli? Of Course! by Dagmar Fertl
Dec 2019 – 2019 National Specialty Week by Dagmar Fertl
Sept 2019 – Dog Dancing by Dagmar Fertl and Linore Cleveland
June 2019 – Keeping Your Dog Cool in Summertime by Dagmar Fertl
Mar 2019 – Puppy of Achievement Pulik by Dagmar Fertl
Dec 2018 – Cords: The Puli’s Crown by Dagmar Fertl
Sept 2018 – Pulik As Achiever Dogs by Dagmar Fertl
June 2018 – Essential Oils and Your Dog’s Wellness by Jenn Latusek-Nabholz & Dagmar Fertl
Mar 2018 – 2017 Puli National Speciality by Dagmar Fertl
Dec 2017 – Hotel Etiquette When Traveling with your Puli by Dagmar Fertl
Sept 2017 – Disaster Prep and Hurricane Harvey Relief for Pets by Dagmar Fertl
June 2017 – Puli As Therapy Dogs by Renee Beymer & Dagmar Fertl
Mar 2017 – Best in Show Pulik
 by Dagmar Fertl
Dec 2016 – The Hungarian Second Man: The Herding Puli
 by Dagmar Fertl
Sept 2016 – Estate Planning That Includes Your Puli
 by Dagmar Fertl
June 2016 –Pulik in Barn Hunt by Julie Schuh & Dagmar Fertl
Mar 2016 – How to Find a Groomer Who Knows Cords by Gin McDaniel Martinez & Dagmar Fertl
Dec 2015 – Puli Smarts by Dagmar Fertl
Sept 2015 – Puli Participation in Obedience by Dagmar Fertl & Nancy Kelly
June 2015 – What does “Medium Size” Mean? by Dagmar Fertl
Mar 2015 – What to Wear When Showing Your Puli by Dagmar Fertl
Dec 2014 – Puli: The Flying Mop by Dagmar Fertl & Cathy Pronzini
Sept 2014 – Book of Titleholders by Dagmar Fertl
June 2014 – Code of Ethics for the Puli Breeder by Dagmar Fertl
Mar 2014 – The Versatile Puli by Dagmar Fertl
Sept 2013 – The Things that Matter by Sherry Gibson (reprinted from March 2009)
June 2013 – Corded Coat Basics by Sherry Gibson (reprinted from June 2010)
Sept 2012 – Helping the New Puli Owner by Sherry Gibson (reprinted from Dec 2009)
Mar 2012 – Researching Health Information by Sherry Gibson
Dec 2011 – The Puli in Fiction by Sherry Gibson
Sept 2011 – Co-Ownership: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly by Sherry Gibson
June 2011 – The Price of Celebrity by Sherry Gibson
March 2011 – Cutting the Cords by Sherry Gibson (reprinted Dec 2013)
Dec 2010 – Selecting the Right Stud by Sherry Gibson
Dec 2010 – Corded Comics by Rebecca Wallwork
Sept 2010 – The Puli Bounce by Sherry Gibson
Sept 2009 – Pulik * Recognized 1936 * by Sherry Gibson
June 2009 – Getting Involved by Sherry Gibson
Dec 2008 – Breed Characteristics by Tom Motter
Jul 2008 – The Performer Beneath the Corded Coat by Don Gold
June 2008 – Les Was More by Tom Motter
Sept 2004 – The Issue of Color by Tom Motter
Jan 2000 – Taking Stock of Herding Dogs by Pluis Davern
June 1997 – Beginnings of the Puli in the US by Dee Rummel & Pat Giancaterino
Mar 1997 – History of the Puli, Part I by Pat Giancaterino
Dec 1996 – How to Pick a Puli for Agility Competition by Pat Guticz & Pat Giancaterino
Feb 1994 – Top-producing Dams of All Time by  Ann Bowley
June 1990 – A History of the Hungarian Puli by J. Dori
Aug 1987 – Puli Proportions and Type by Sally Hines

ShowSight Magazine. These articles first appeared in the ShowSight Magazine on the dates shown and are reproduced here with permission. To read or download current or past issues, visit www.showsightmagazine.com.

Oct 2012 – Living with the Puli by Dagmar Fertl
Oct 2012 – Judging the Puli by Irma Fertl
Jan 2012 – Living with a Puli by Susi Szeremy
Jan 2012 – Judging the Puli by Barbe Pessina
Jan 2012 – History of the Puli by Carolyn Nusbickel
Nov 2010 – Judging the Puli by Sherry Gibson

Canine Chronicle.   This article first appeared in the Canine Chronicle and is reproduced here with permission. To read or download current or past issues, visit www.caninechronicle.com/.

Nov 2014 – Small Hungarian Sheepdogs by Ria Hörter

Dog News.  The Digest of American Dogs.  These articles first appeared in Dog News on the dates shown and are reproduced here with permission. To read or download current or past issues, visit www.dognews.com.

Jan 2016 – The Hungarian Rhapsodies by M.J. Nelson
Oct 2011 – All Things Puli by Barbe Pessina
2007 – When “CORDS” Influenced “CHORDS” by M.J. Nelson

Dogs in Review. For more information or to subscribe, visit www.dogchannel.com/dog-magazines/dogsinreview/

May 2016 – Back to Basics – Comparison of the Puli, Komondor and Bergamasco by Eric Liebes

Dog World.   First published in 1916, ceased publication in 2012.  Some historical articles from this magazine are viewable at www.dogchannel.com/dog-history/historical-dog-information-topiclist.aspx.

May 1985 – The Puli – Coming of Age in America by Mary Wakeman

National Dog.   The RingLeader Way. This article first appeared in this magazine on the date shown and is reproduced here with permission. To read or download current or past issues, visit nationaldog.com.au/previous_issues.html.

June 2005 – Is the Puli Short Stepping or Far Reaching? by Les Benis

Animal Wellness Magazine.   To read or download current or past issues, visit animalwellnessmagazine.com.

April/May 2010 – Therapy Dog Extraordinaire by Susan Hartzler

American Herding Breed Association Events Bulletin.   To learn more about the AHBA, visit www.ahba-herding.org/

Jan/Feb 2014 – AHBA Meet a Member – Don Gold

1970s-1980s –  PuliKeynotes – from Puli Club of Southern California
1980s – Puli Parade newsletter – from Pulik of Northern California
1974 –  The Puli Handbook by Dick Beauchamp & Allen Scruggs
1954 –  (Popular Dogs) Kicsi – The Story of a Puli by Hayes Blake Hoyt
1950 –  (AKC Gazette) A Christmas to Remember by Sylvia Curtis Owen
1948 –  (AKC Gazette) Breeds in Brief – No. 75 – Puli
1940 –  Testing Dog Intelligence  by W.M. Dawson & R. Katz
1938 –  A New Farm Dog?  by Carroll Streeter
1937 –  Heredity in the Dog  by W. M. Dawson
1936 –  Imported Puli Dogs  from US Department of Agriculture

Puli Coat Color
The following articles offer interesting and often differing views on this subject.  The Puli Club of America does not necessarily endorse the views in these articles.
1962 – Pulik Color by Ellanor H. Anderson
1988 – The True Color of the Puli by Art Sorkin
1992 – A Decision Regarding the Puli Colour Variations by Elina Haapaniemi
2004 – Puli Color by Les Benis
2007 – Puli Color Genetics by Sheila Schmutz, PhD – Updated 2021
2021 – The Colours of the Puli by Stephanie Horan