Getting Titles Can Be Fun

PCA encourages members to get involved in all kinds of activities with their Pulis, from doing therapy work, to taking long walks, training in various areas and even competing for titles. Since we are the national breed club for the Puli and a member of the American Kennel Club, we emphasize AKC titles, but of course you and your Puli can enjoy whatever venue and whatever club you compete in.

Prefix Titles

Prefix titles are traditionally printed in front of the dog’s registered name. You can see a list of AKC prefix titles here. An example might be OTCH PuliKennel Big Guy, for a dog with an Obedience Championship title.

Suffix Titles

Suffix titles are shown after the dog’s registered name. You can see a list of AKC suffix titles here. An example could be PuliKennel Big Guy CD, NA for a dog with an obedience CD title and an agility NA title.

Of course, it’s not unusual for dogs to have titles at both ends of their name, for example, CH PuliKennel Big Guy CD, HT.

PCA Titles

Then there are awards that can be earned from the Puli Club of America. An important one is the Versatility award, that comes in three levels: VP, VPA, VPX. Learn more here.

Non-AKC Titles

Finally there are non-AKC titles. For example, besides doing agility at AKC events, many people enjoy competing in the USDAA (US Dog Agility Association), and that organization has its own set of titles and abbreviations. The same is true for herding competition at the AHBA (American Herding Breed Association). These are just examples of other ways to compete and earn titles with your Puli.

What’s important is to do things with your Puli!