Puli Versatility Awards

The Versatile Puli Award is presented by the Puli Club of America to those Pulik who have excelled in a variety of performance disciplines. Its purpose is to acknowledge these achievements and to encourage members to try new disciplines with their Pulik.

There are many new ways for your Puli to earn a VP Award — click here to check out the points schedule

There are four Versatile Puli Awards levels:

  • VP for those dogs successfully participating in three discipline areas and earning between 7 and 13 Versatility Points,
  • VPA for those dogs successfully participating in three discipline areas and earning between 14 and 19 Versatility Points,
  • VPX for those dogs successfully participating in four discipline areas and earning at between 20 and 29 Versatility Points.
  • VPM for those dogs successfully participating in five discipline areas and earning at least 30 Versatility Points.

The PCA VP discipline areas are Conformation, Herding, Obedience, Agility, Rally, Tracking, Temperament/Therapy, Barn Hunt, Scent Work, Coursing and a Miscellaneous Category. As the Puli earns more advanced titles in a discipline, the number of Versatility Points awarded increases.

Once your Puli is eligible for a VP Award, you can apply for the award by filling out the Versatility Awards form and including copies of the documentation required for verification. To simplify the process, photocopied documentation will only be required for non-AKC and non-standard AKC (CGC, Majors and 2-point win, tracking certificate) categories. The request form and documentation (if required) should be sent to C. Pronzini, 2555 Holly Oak Drive., Danville, CA 94506.

An award certificate will be presented to each Puli earning a VP Award. The Puli, Owner and Breeder will be acknowledged in the June issue of the Puli News. A picture will also be printed in the Puli News for no charge, however to have the picture in the Book of Titleholders the cost is $10.00.

Only PCA members can apply for these awards.

Those Pulik qualifying for the awards will receive:

  • An Award Certificate. This certificate will be mailed to the owner.
  • The names of the Puli, owner, breeder and a picture (if included) will be published in Puli News.
  • The Versatile Puli award can honor a Puli that is no longer living, as long as the required documentation is available and submitted.
  • The names of the Pulik that received awards during the year will be listed in the Awards Booklet given out at the National Specialty Annual Banquet.
  • The VP Award recipients will be included in the Book of Titleholders. A picture of the Puli can be printed in the BOT at the cost of $10.00.

The PCA Versatility Awards form is an Adobe Acrobat .PDF file. Click on the link to load the Acrobat form. To print, click on the printer icon in the upper left of the Acrobat window. When finished, close the window.