PCA Operational Rules

1. Each Officer and Board Member will have a binder containing copies of the Club Constitution, By-Laws, Guidelines for Owners/Breeders/Exhibitors, Operational and Standing Rules. It shall be their responsibility to maintain this book and keep it up to date during their tenure in office. The book will be passed to the replacing Officer or Board Member within 30 days of the election.
2. The Recording Secretary shall be responsible for keeping a copy of any motion approved and passed by the Board, and for distributing copies, of these motions to the Board members for inclusion in their binders.
3. Regular Committees will be appointed by the Board for the length of a specific project, not to exceed two years.
4. Standing Committees will be reappointed every two years by the new Board. They are:

    • Book of Titleholders
    • Finance Committee
    • Health Committee
    • Herding
    • Historian
    • Judges’ Education
    • Members Education Committee
    • Obedience
    • Puli News
    • Specialty Committees
    • Trophy Committee
    • Ways and Means
    • Web Page Committee

5. The President shall provide all committee Chairs with committee charges, in writing, within one month of the beginning of each club year.
6. All committee heads shall report quarterly – or at other times as directed by the Board — in writing to the Board on the progress and activity of their committee in carrying out their committee charges.
7. The Puli Club of America shall bond any Club Member who handles Club funds.
8. The Treasurer shall provide a quarterly income and cash flow statement to the Board.
9. Financial obligations and/or contracts outside the normal operations of the Club can only be made by the Board of Directors, after all Club members have been notified.
10. No loans or seed money may be accepted by the Board of Directors, Committees, or Project Heads.
11. All financial accounts shall be in the name of the Club, the Club’s Employer Tax Identification Number must be included and designate their use. All financial accounts shall be accessible to the President and Treasurer.
12. All financial accounts shall be kept by the same accounting system as is used by the Treasurer. All club members operating a PCA Account shall furnish financial reports to the Treasurer and Board as directed by the Board. Financial reports which are overdue by more than thirty (30) days shall result in the closing of that account, at the discretion of the Board.