PCA Trophies

Quick Link to PCA’s Trophy Book

The club has a rich history of wonderful trophies donated for recognition of outstanding accomplishments in competition. We are justifiably proud of this ongoing legacy of 19 active trophies.  In the past, we were often able to ship all our trophies to the National Specialty.

Trophy Book

However, the costs involved in shipping all our trophies each year have become so high that PCA’s Board appointed a Trophy Committee to recommend solutions.  The committee proposed several ideas which the Board implemented. This included shipping only some of our Perpetual Trophies to each National, changing which were sent each year.

In addition, the committee recommended that the club’s wealth of trophies be documented for all to see. At the 2019 Annual Meeting, membership voted to create a Trophy Book to document the club’s trophies.  The committee then created the PCA Trophy Book, which is available here on PCA’s website.

If you notice something that should be added to or corrected in the Trophy Book, please contact Gail Schroth or Nancy Guagenti.

Trophy Types

Perpetual trophies remain property of the club.  The names of each year’s winners are engraved on the trophies and winners often take photos with the trophy at the National.

Challenge trophies are what AKC calls “three-time win” trophies. According to AKC and PCA rules, such trophies can be retired and kept by a member of the club if the following conditions are met:

  • The member must have won the trophy 3 times.
  • If there are multiple owners of the dog that is designated the winner, then only the first name in the catalog will be considered as the name for the retirement of the challenge trophy.
  • The member must replace the trophy with either the same or greater size, value and stature of that trophy.
  • The member can re-donate the same trophy to the club with recognition.
  • The winner of the trophy must have been a member of the Puli Club of America in good standing each of the 3 times they were awarded the trophy.
  • According to AKC rules, three-time win trophies cannot be offered for Sweepstakes or Futurity competition.  (See note below.)

We encourage all members to browse through our Trophy Book and learn more about our wonderful Trophy legacy.

*Note: It has been learned that AKC Dog Show rules do not allow “three-time win” trophies (what PCA calls Challenge Trophies) for Sweepstakes or Futurity events to be presented near where awards are presented.  Previous Boards were not aware of this rule when these Sweeps trophies were placed next to the ring at National Specialties.